2017 Afton 50K Winner Jayna Tomalty – Photo Credit Mike Wheeler


An interview with 2017 Afton 50K winner Jayna Tomalty (JT).  Interview conducted by John Storkamp (JS) – Afton Trail Run Race Director


JS – Jayna!  Congratulations on your Afton 50K win last weekend and what I believe is your first ultra win, is that correct?​

JT – Thank you! Yes, this was my first ultra win.


JS – If you take some time to look down the list of past Afton 50K winners, it is an impressive list of names, how does it feel to be included on that list?

JT – Humbled.


JS – I called you out directly in my pre-race write-up as a favorite for the win – you have a good number of top 5 finishers at local trail / ultra races, you had a solid Superior 50K and I had heard you had been training well – it just seemed to me that you were ready for this… did it feel that way to you?

JT – I’m so relieved that I didn’t read your pre-race write-up until after the race!  Yes, Superior 50k definitely helped me feel mentally ready for Afton and I had the opportunity to get out to Afton quite a few times before the race.


JS – It looks like you ran a really well paced race, you were about 1 minute behind Rebekah (who ended up placing 2nd) at the 25K split and you finished just under 1 minute ahead of her! When did you pass her and did you know it was that close at the end?

JT – Yes, overall my pace felt steady. I need to work on not going too fast at the start 🙂 I ran a few miles close to Rebekah during the second loop. She has such a strong stride! Then I had to go to the bathroom so I figured that I wouldn’t see her again. It wasn’t until I was in the Snowshoe loop that I realized how close she was. I actually didn’t pass her until the last hill before the finish! It could have been either one of us.


JS – What is next for you after this, I am guessing you are excited to get out and race some more this year?

JT – Voyageur… this will be my first 50 mile. I’m excited and borderline terrified.


JS – Anything else you would like to share about the day or about your race?

JT – Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked on the trails before and after! I always had exactly what I needed at every aid station and was greeted with such enthusiastic cheering 🙂 Also, on a side note, I ran a loop the day after the race and didn’t see one single gel packet or any littering. So impressive for such a big race!


JS – Thanks you so much Jayna for your time!

JT – Of course! Thanks John