Spectator Info:

The Afton Trail Run is a spectator friendly event, especially if you are willing to do some walking – friends and families are welcome to come and support their runners!


Spectators will park in the same locations that runners do. We strongly encourage carpooling.  Please review details HERE https://www.aftontrailrun.com/parking/


Spectating Locations:
The best two places to spectate are at the Start / Finish area and at Aid Station 3/4. The race Start / finish area is adjacent to the Afton State Park Visitors Center, which is also the 25K point in the 50K race – so 50K spectators can see their runners start, embark on their second loop and finish at this location.  Aid Station 3/4 is near the beach at Afton State Park and is about a 1/2 mile walk from the race start / finish area.  25K runners will come through this area two times, while 50K runners will come through four times. Please do not crowd the aid stations and always listen to instructions from race volunteers and officials.


Pacing and Bandits:
Pacers are not allowed at the Afton Trail Run and running the race course without being officially registered is considered bandit’ing and is prohibited.


Because of how well staffed and stocked our aid stations are, crewing your runner should not be necessary at the Afton Trail Run – however, if you are going to crew your runner, this may only be done at official aid stations – giving supplies, water, etc to your runner at any other location on the race course is prohibited and considered cheating and will lead to the disqualification of your runner.


Trail Etiquette:
The park and all of the trails are open to the public, and thus, spectators alike.  While you are welcome to spectate from anywhere within the park, we ask that while walking down the trails to get to a viewing area, that you give runners the right of way.


Post Race Picnic:
The complimentary post race picnic is for registered runners only. If you would like to partake you are welcome to, there will be a can out for those who are not registered to make a donation.


Additional Info:
Spectators should familiarize themselves with the maps and info on THIS page https://www.aftontrailrun.com/maps-and-data/ and should also study up on the info specific to the distance their runner is participating in 50KM HERE https://www.aftontrailrun.com/50km-info/ and 25KM HERE https://www.aftontrailrun.com/25km-info/