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Cary Johnson
David Markman (Lower Res Free)
David Markman (High Res Support with Purchase)
Jessica Knighton
John Schultz
Kelcey Knott
Mike Wheeler
Scott Rokis


Cary Johnson
Dave Shannon
John Schultz
Kevin Langton
Mike Wheeler
Scott Rokis
Tone Coughlin – Highlights


Autumn Han – Saturday
David Shannon – Saturday
Eric Hadtrath – Friday (Oft photo volunteer, but running race and shooting with his iPhone)
Heidi Lehrke – Friday
Jamison Swift – Friday Finish Line
John Schultz – Friday (Bib numbers in file name)
John Schultz – Saturday (Bib numbers in file name)
Jon Knutson – Saturday
Kelcey Knott – Saturday Finish Line
Kelly Doyle
Martje Van De Meerendonk – Saturday
Ryan Cooper – Saturday


Zach Pierce
Jamison Swift
Fresh Tracks Media – Facebook
Fresh Tracks Media – Hi-Res
David Markman
Tone Coughlin – Afton Start Line
Tone Coughlin – Stations of Aid
Tone Coughlin – River Bottoms
Tone Coughlin – Meat Grinder
Tone Coughlin – Snowshoe Loop
Tone Coughlin – Finish Line
Todd Rowe
John Stewart
Chad Richardson
Mark Gregware – On Course
Mark Gregware – Finish Line
Dave Shannon
Victoria Olson
John Schultz
Laurel Sipe
Evan Roberts – 50K Mile 0.9
Evan Roberts – 50K Mile 5-6
Evan Roberts – 25K Mile 4-4.8
Evan Roberts – 50K Mile 15.5-17.5
Evan Roberts – Finish/halfway 9:08 – 9:43AM
Evan Roberts – Finish/halfway 9:43 – 10:27AM
Evan Roberts – Finish/halfway 10:27 – 11:24AM


David Markman
Dave Shannon
Cary Johnson
Fresh Tracks Media – Hi Res
Fresh Tracks Media – Facebook
Jamison Swift
John Schultz – Set 1
John Schultz – Set 2
Laurel Sipe
Mike Wheeler – Facebook Set 1
Mike Wheeler – Facebook Set 2
Mike Wheeler – Hi Res
Paul Nye – Facebook
Paul Nye – Hi-Res
Ryan Cooper
Todd Rowe


Brian Wolfe
Cole Peyton
Colleen MacDonald
Chad Richardson – Set 1
Chad Richardson – Set 2
Jamison Swift
Jaxon Wolfe
John Stewart
John Storkamp
Fresh Tracks Media
Mike Wheeler – Set 1
Mike Wheeler – Set 2
Mike Wheeler – Set 3
Mike Wheeler – Set 4
Todd Rowe – Set 1
Todd Rowe – Set 2


Allison Carolan
Arah Bahn
Carly Danek
John Stewart
Kevin Langton
Skinny Ski – 25KM
Skinny Ski – 50KM
Todd Rowe – Group A
Todd Rowe – Group B


Kevin Langton Set 1
Kevin Langton Set 2
Kelly Doyle – 50K Race Start
Kelly Doyle – North Hill Wide Angle
Kelly Doyle – Campground
Kelly Doyle – Campground Wid Angle
Kelly Doyle – Finish
Todd Rowe – Set 1
Kelcey Knott
Katie Brons
Amy Husveth – Set 1
Amy Husveth – Set 2


Mike Wheeler Set 1
Mike Wheeler Set 2
Mike Wheeler Set 3
Daniel Blomberg
Kevin Langton
Todd Rowe
Katie Sehloff
Rob Henderson Set 1
Rob Henderson Set 2


Todd Rowe
Mike and Graydon Wheeler
Francois Lyon


Zach Pierce 50KM
Zach Pierce 25KM
Dean Neuburger
Credits – Todd Rowe


Dean Neuburger
Zach Pierce