Adam Doe Takes the 50K Win – Photo Credit Natalie Klein


An interview with 2017 Afton 50K winner Adam Doe (AD).  Interview conducted by John Storkamp (JS) – Afton Trail Run Race Director


JS: Adam, great job on your recent Afton 50K win! It looks like you ran a really smart and relaxed race – I know you to be very fit and pretty competitive and you seemed really comfortable to let the leaders go on that first loop – were you thinking about not racing and just running your own race or did race tactics play into it and did you figure you could / would reel the leaders back in?

AD: Thank you! I went into the race wanting to take it easy for the first 10-15 miles. However I do feel I was too conservative for the first half. I had the mindset that if the two leaders were out of reach for me, I’d relax and take third. But if they slowly came back, I’d push hard the final 5 miles and go for the win. It worked out!

JS: I see that you are signed up for the Voyageur 50 mile race in a couple of weeks, was Afton a buildup race for Voyageur and would you say that you held back at Afton?

AD: Afton was definitely part of the buildup training block I have been using to prepare for Voyageur. To be honest, I prepared for Afton as a race for the most part. I do wish I would’ve been more aggressive, but I still ran it hard!

JS: Speaking of Voyageur, how are you feeling about your chances at that race? This years field is hyper-competitive and is made up of the “who’s who” of Midwest ultrarunning. With an Afton win and a win at the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon (half Voyageur) last year people will certainly be keeping an eye on you.

AD: Voyageur will be tough! I am confident I can run well and compete for the top 10 or even 5. However, I am aware of the studs with massive amounts of experience who will be racing. It’s going to be another test of patience but I am ready and excited!


JS: Back to Afton, do you do much training at Afton? How do you think the course suits you and your style of running? How do you like the course?

AD: I enjoy Afton a ton! I try to get out there at least once or twice a month. I think the course suits me well as I feel I excel on long climbs and constant changes in the terrain. It fits my strengths for sure. I am a horrible flat road racer!


JS: Looking through your past results I see trail and ultra results appearing for you around 2015, what were you doing with your running prior to that? You are 29 now right?

AD: I lived in Albuquerque, NM for a couple years after college. I enjoyed running down there a lot but didn’t race much. Before living there, I really just ran wherever was convenient but got hooked on running the foothill trails in ABQ. When I moved back to MN, my passion for trails grew. I started racing on them and found I was a lot more successful than on the roads. I am 29 now and feel I still have a lot to learn.


JS: Adam, any other takeaways or thoughts from this years Afton 50K that you would like to share?

AD: I had so much fun at Afton this year! The volunteers are very helpful, fun and energetic. The post race festivities are awesome. Nothing beats watermelon and burgers after a trail race! Oh and the race director is a cool guy too! Thank you very much.


JS: Thank so much for your time, I look forward to watching your performances rest of the year!

AD: Thank you John for taking the time to reach out to me. I appreciate the encouragement!