Son and Father-In-Law 50K Finish, Roy and Les – Photo Credit Cheri Storkamp


AFTON, where the magic keeps on happening.
I cannot tell you how many amazing conversations and interactions I had this past weekend. I hope you had the same opportunity to connect; with others, with yourself and with the trail. A huge thank you to all of the incredible runners, spectators, state park staff and volunteers. You can read my ‘thank you’ to our “noble” volunteers HERE , I think you will enjoy it.

I love the picture above, it is of our friend Les Martisko and his son-in-law Roy. Les and his (oft volunteer) wife Cindy are ATR family from way back. Les has run 16 Afton 50Ks (and 468 marathons / ultras over the years) and was blessed with the opportunity run most of the race with Roy, who completed his first ever 50K at Afton – congrats Roy! Roy is ATR family now too.  Like I said, experiences and connections.


A few words from our runners:
“Thank you for the well planned race and thorough communication leading up to it. I thought it was a great way to get back to racing post-pandemic. I didn’t know what to expect, but really enjoyed the whole experience from check-in to cooling down and watching people finish. – Josh”

“I just wanted to send a quick note to express my gratitude and appreciation for the efforts that went into Afton this year. It was obvious that there were a lot of challenges and that a lot of thought, heart, and effort went into the race. Everything was awesome and my interactions with everyone involved was truly wonderful. Much thanks to the entire crew! Kind regards. – Shawn”


Stats & Results:
Combined 25K & 50K:
550 registered, 515 starters, 507 finishers, 8 DNFS.

387 registered, 361 starters, 360 finishers, 1 DNF
Results HERE

163 registered, 154 starters, 147 finishers, 7 DNFs
Results HERE


As always our volunteer photographers try to get photos of as many runners as possible. Images are for personal use by race participants – if you are sharing photos on your social media etc., it is always good form to credit the photographer. If you’d like to use an image for a commercial purpose (e.g. publish in a magazine, use to promote a product etc.), please contact photographers for permission and terms of use.


T-shirts and medals just went into production and we will be mailing them out once we take delivery of them – we hope to have them out to you in a couple of weeks. I liked the 2019 t-shirt design so much that I did it in a different color scheme for 2021 – you can check it out HERE Medals are a little different than years past (but awesome), you can read more about that and see an image of them HERE


In Closing:
Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your participation, support and friendship. I am looking forward to rest of the year.  We are hoping to do just one Endless Summer Trail Run Series Race the first week in August, a reunion of sorts, we are working on getting that permitted now. We plan to have the full series back in 2022. For those interested in our Superior Fall Trail Race in September, we just sent out an update today, which can be found HERE If you have not already, you can sign up for the RSR mailing list HERE to stay apprised of the latest on all of our events.

As always, should you have any questions or need anything, please reach out.


Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]